Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Dining Chairs! :

Chairs are probably my favorite item of furniture to shop for.
I sometimes wish at University I had studied furniture design instead of interior design, as I would love to be able to have the knowledge and skill to design and create my own chair! 

Seeing as chairs are one of my favorite things when it comes to design, it can make it a real nightmare when shopping for them, as there are so many different styles out there which I's too hard to choose!

After about 4-5 months of searching for the perfect dining chairs for our home, we have both decided on the iconic Eames DSW chair in this gorgeous new limited edition pastel shades, from Cult Furniture (one of my favourite sites! Definitely check them out)!

We are buying four chairs, one in each colour and have decided on the mushroom grey, candy floss pink, peppermint green and the top right colour-a beautiful, soft, lemon sorbet yellow. 

The mix of these colours against the kitchen units we have picked out and flooring will really 'pop' and create a real feature in the room as well as obviously being practical.

In a different post soon, I will reveal our dining table of choice too...

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